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“Discipline and always obey the rules” – Kovindran Babu


Kovindran Babu A/L Paniselvam, 30, has never thought that he will be the first receiver for Cadet of The Month Award. He was awarded during Monday Assembly by Dr Razali, Head of Cluster, Cluster of Professional Development and Ethics.

The police sergeant from Penang could not imagine that he will be selected for the award by Sub Kluster Pembangunan Modal Insan (SKPMI) for the month of August.

He is dedicating the award to his friends and teammates in the Election Commission (EC) of Diploma Pengurusan Awam (DPA) Pengajian Pascasiswazah 2017. He added, “They assisted me a lot and it helped me to be a good EC Chairman.”

“I feel very happy to receive this award, not only for me but also on behalf of my teammates. All of them are the key for me to succeed and I learned on how to be a good leader too.”

“It was a tough task but I considered that as a great opportunity for me to gain experience in leadership. I am thankful because the election ran smoothly and the committee members also received compliments from SKPMI and other cadets,” he mentioned when sharing his experience as the Chairman of DPA EC 2017.

Kovindran Babu stated that a leader should learn to listen to each and every opinion from others to find the best solution in all aspects.

He quoted maintaining discipline and obeying the rules as the keys of success for him in DPA 2017.

“Those are the keys for me to succeed. I will always be focused, maintain my discipline and obey the rules set by SKPMI.”

“The most important thing is attitude. Keep calm and try to listen for opinions from each member. It gives me a chance to be a better cadet and person in life,” said Kovindran.

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